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Hi friends!! Over the next few months, I will be interviewing some unique people with amazing ideas on how to make radical changes in our eating habits, boost environmental awareness and contribute to the economic health of our economy. 


Can we all be happier and healthier just by our diet? Can we make our relationship with food and our bodies positive instead of negative?  Is it possible to make impactful changes to the environment without hurting farm yields or putting an economic strain on our farming community? Can we trace our food back to the actual land where it was grown using technology already available? Ultimately, can we create a society - and for that matter a planet - that benefits economically from happier healthier citizens? 


Rice is the most widely consumed grain in the world. It provides more than one-fifth of the calories consumed worldwide by humans. It is also without any doubt the most important food regarding human nutrition and caloric intake. For a grain that is clearly vital to most of humankind, it is often undervalued. It is my personal goal to change human behavior of how we think about rice. Maybe just maybe we change the world together - one little grain at a time!


I encourage you to “Rice Up Your Bowl” and enjoy the journey as we explore the lives of individuals that are making a difference - not only for the planet but also humanity. We will explore controversial topics around “big” agriculture, women in the workplace, sustainability, traceability, America’s growing waistline, and ultimately determine if a little grain can really make a big difference in the world. 


This is Meryl Kennedy and this is my podcast!

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